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The e-commerce industry has been a pioneer in its use of technology to supplement and enhance its business. The massive adoption of e-commerce websites, online catalogs and extensive travel management tools for consumers are a few of the numerous successes that have been seen over the past few years. In that spirit, Proemags digital publishing provides the ability to create interactive online catalogs and brochures, improve product awareness and drive qualified traffic to e-commerce websites.

Business Needs

  • Optimize future publications by tracking and analyzing visitor traffic, click patterns and click-throughs.
  • Simplify the delivery of promotional materials with flexible subscription and e-commerce websites.
  • Create interactive electronic sell sheets without advanced web programming skills.
  • Continuously post up-to-date information such as special packages and traveler reviews.
  • Enhance the customer’s experience with interactivity and rich media to display a destination’s features.
  • Shorten the user’s path once the customer is inspired, the booking page should be just one click away.
  • Make content available on mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android mobile platforms.