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Mobile Site Available Features

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About us
Let your customers get to know you – share information on your business
Activation code
Generate SEO friendly activation code for your desktop site so people searching from a mobile are directed to your mobile site
Add Links
Create a link to any other web pages, email or SMS number that will complement your business
Add page / Sub pages
Add unlimited custom pages and sub pages to your mobile website
The ability to place ads on your site and add new revenue to your business.
The ability to provide instant access to your blog
Booking Request
Let customers request a reservation. Use the form provided or link to an existing booking page
Call me back
Your customers leave a number in a field provided and you call them back.
Call us
Add a number for one-click calling
Check-in Services
Allow customers to connect with your business through popular location based social sites including FourSquare and Google Places.
Create Special Offers and redeemable coupons with data capture capability. Multiple coupons supported
Custom Analytics
Track visitors, devices they use, where they went on the site, countries they came from and much more
Customizable customer control panel
Ability to change your customers control panel to a range of different unique colours, so to represent different levels of access
Customize your site with Brand logos, background images, pre-select colour combinations or select your own colours
End-User login access
A white label control panel to provide your customers login access to maintain ALL of their mobile websites with help videos and tutorials
Event Calendar
Display your events from your Google calendar on your mobile site, content automatically updates
Extract Statistics
Ability for you to extract and export information for monthly newsletters or reporting
Display content from your Facebook page on your mobile site, content automatically updates
Find Us
Customers can find the business with one click Google maps and directions including time and distance – Multiple locations supported
Create custom forms to suit the specific needs of the business with ability to capture data. Multiple forms supported
Full Website
Add a link from your mobile website to your full website
Google Analytics
Integrate Google Analytics in one simple step
Display content from your Google+ page on your mobile site. Content automatically updates
Display images on an existing gallery or create a custom one. Images optimized for each device
Keep Me Informed
Maximize contact with customers. Get opt-ins for email and text messages
Leave a Message
Let customers leave a message for you via the email address you provide
Add terms and conditions, privacy policy, copyright. Add text or link to an existing page or pages
Mobile Domain Creation
Sites will be instantly available on this domain *; enter the site name you want to appear
Mobile Management Dashboard access
Username and password access to an administration system allowing total control over all aspects of your mobile sites
Monthly Stats Database Update
A report emailed to you monthly on the performance of your mobile website with information extracted from your analytics
News Feed
The ability to share news via RSS or other feed type
Opening Hours
Dynamic opening hours functionality telling customers when the business is open
Ability to add products and shopping cart (up to 50 products) or add a link to an existing page
QR Code
Generate QR Codes or marketing flyers with one click and allow customers a quick entry point to any page on the mobile site
Reseller materials
In-depth tutorials on using the platform as well as creating and maintaining mobile websites
Let customers read business reviews/ testimonials that have been added to Yelp and Foursquare
Quickly and easily Import news, blog and event calendar. Content automatically updates
Share information on your services
Share With Friends
Allow customers to easily share site content via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS with one click
Site Cookies
Your site uses cookies. Display a cookie notification so that visitors to your site can consent to these cookies
Site SEO
Ability to add a description and keywords so search engines can understand your business and improve how you are ranked
Site Translation
Allow your customers to select a language of their choice – up to 40+ languages
Smartphone bookmark
Add a Smartphone bookmark icon and enable customers to easily return to your mobile site from their device home screen
Tell a Friend
Allow visitors to send a message with a link to your site
Multiple templates and icons sets to customize the look and feel of each site
Display your tweets on your mobile site, content automatically updates
Upload custom icons
Upload custom icons to each feature for a unique look and feel
Show case your business with videos. Add a link to a YouTube video or a YouTube playlist/channel